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Suspect's DNA Found At Oborok Murder Scene - Report

paphos murder julia oborokDNA belonging to a 29-year-old man suspected of murdering 24-year-old Julia Oborok and her three-year-old daughter Victoria has been found at the scene of the murder in Paphos, says a report by Politis newspaper.

DNA testing has also shown that Julia's unborn child belonged to her 29-year-old boyfriend who has been under arrest for the last eight days for further investigation. Police believe they have enough evidence to get the court to agree to a second remand order and that they are close to being able to prove their case.

Three more people - including the main suspect's mother - have been arrested on suspicion of tampering with evidence in the double murder. It is possible that police will seek to renew their arrest orders in case they try to destroy more evidence after a bag and a jacket that police were looking for went missing.

The victim's 29-year-old hairdresser boyfriend was arrested shortly after her murder on December 12th and denies any involvement. His mother, aunt and a 16-year-old employee at their hairdressing salon were arrested a few days afterwards.

paphos murder julia oborokJulia Oborok was found near a Geroskipou beach at 2.30pm on December 12th with gunshot wounds to her chest and abdomen, and her toddler Victoria Pozidou was found floating in the sea a short distance away from her mother's rental car.

Her 29-year-old boyfriend was known to have physically abused the victim before her death, one time breaking a chair over her head, said police.

The murdered woman was four months pregnant.

Police spokesman Michalis Katsounodos said the crime was heinous and horrible and that police suspect pathological jealousy was behind the murders. Authorities are making every effort to gather evidence and solve the case, he said. Dive teams looking for evidence scoured the sea where the child was found, searching for the gun that was used to kill Oborok. The gun is still missing, according to the latest information.

An autopsy showed that the child died of asphyxiation from strangulation, while her mother died of gunshot wounds.

The funerals of Julia and her daughter were held at St. Anargiri in Paphos, and Victoria's father is on the island after making the trip from Crete. He and Julia were divorced but had good relations, according to reports.

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