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New Book On Poland-Cyprus Historical Relations - Speech by University Rector

cyprus-poland relationsThe links between Cyprus and Poland go back a long way, as a new book shows. Rector of the University of Cyprus Professor Constantinos Christofides gave the following speech on the launch of the book "Poland-Cyprus. From the Country of Chopin to the Island of Aphrodite".

"I am delighted to be here today and address our distinguished guests at the presentation of the book «Poland-Cyprus. From the country of Chopin to the island of Aphrodite», edited by two colleagues, Modern History Professors Giorgos Georgis and Giorgos Kazamias.

This book is an outcome of the research program «Eurodaktylios» which is carried out by the History and Archaeology Department of the University of Cyprus and aims to create an information data base on the historic, political, diplomatic, economic, commercial, and cultural relations of Cyprus with other EU member states.

I feel really happy because as Vice-Rector I had discussed and supported this research program, proposed by Professor Georgis and I had signed on behalf of the University of Cyprus the cooperation protocol, for the implementation of the program, with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The success of the program is already evident by the three volumes that have been published on the relations of Cyprus with Spain, Hungary and Poland. The volumes are bilingual, in Greek and in the language of the respective country, showing scientific dedication and great research effort using a wide range of sources. At the same time, post-graduate students are involved in the research program “Eurodaktylios”, gaining research experience and completing their scientific knowledge.

The twelve chapters of the book, written by Polish and Cypriot scientists, offer a broad range of the relations between the two countries. Often the details of the short history make the narration really charming. Archeologists and historians, poets and writers, travelers, kings and pilgrims, refugees and soldiers of the Second World War, known and unknown protagonists of history, figure in the pages of the book showcasing a panorama of the history and the culture of the two countries.

The research and the effort for the publication of this collective work had as an outcome, the close and fruitful cooperation between the History and Archeology Department of the University of Cyprus and the Institute of Scientific Research of the University of Warsaw. Initiated by Professor Malgoraza Borowska and supported by the Honorable Consul of Poland in Cyprus Mr Loukis Papaphilippou, the Institute promotes the development of Modern Greek and Cyprus studies with impressive results. The Institute has also established the Papaphilippou Chair which functions as a stepping stone for lectures on the history of Cyprus, the study of Cypriot culture and the wider development of Modern Greek studies.
We believe that this publication will be the beginning of the establishment and further development of a close cooperation between the University of Cyprus and the University of Warsaw.

According to the editors, the book is not exhaustive of the whole range of issues. Their ambition for the book is to act as a motive and a greater and much deeper research.  It is the gate for new researchers to enter. The new researchers have the obligation to highlight the multicultural relations between the citizens of Europe and to lead through history and civilization to a new European Identity. An Identity which will be based on the acceptance and mutual respect of each other’s identity culture and history and to the opening of a new gate of communication which will supersede national and religious differences and lead to a Europe of cooperation, of peace and democracy amongst its citizens."

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