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Man Arrested For Killing Sister With Laptop in Latchia, Nicosia

man kills sister latsia nicosiaA 25-year-old Latchia man has been arrested for beating his sister to death with a laptop, said police.

28-year-old Zacharoula Kyprianou had multiple injuries to her head made by her brother who lost control and hit her with the computer after a fight over who was going to use the laptop.

The suspect, who reportedly has psychological problems, has confessed to the murder, which he reported to police at 7.30am. Zacharoula was killed at 4.30am, said police.

According to state medical examiner Eleni Antoniou, Zacharoula had injuries to her head, body and legs and was not able to fight her brother off as she was partially disabled.

The siblings' quadraplegic mother was present during the killing but unable to intervene because of her physical state, said police.

Homicide detectives have gathered evidence to be sent for forensic tests and the suspect is in custody to facilitate the investigation, said authorities.

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