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Six Months? For Child Pornography Possession?

child pornographer gets six monthsPerhaps even more shocking than the crime of possessing child pornography is the news that a Briton in Larnaca who was arrested on this charge received a jail sentence of only six months from a Larnaca court, as reported by the Cyprus Mail.

How can families with children feel safe when they know that our court system is only giving slaps on the wrist to these kinds of criminals? What kind of message does it send when a man convicted of four counts of child pornography gets away with six months in prison? He had 127 videos of child pornography in his possession when he was arrested, and he passed it on to other perverts.

Let's be reasonable here, society's greatest duty is to its children who cannot take care of themselves because they are too young, too inexperienced. Here is a man who preys upon children, and he's out in six months.

There are limits to tolerance and understanding, and the limit is when a child is preyed upon in such a twisted manner. The courts, lawyers and state should take notice of this case and really think about whether the sentence was commensurate with the crime.

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