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PIP Owner Arrested in France - Report

jean claude masJean-Claude Mas, the head of Poly Implant Prothese (PIP), has been arrested at his home in Six Fours Les Plages in the early morning hours, reports AFP.

Mas is wanted for questioning over allegations that his company produced defective silicon breast implants.

jean claude masIn Cyprus, there are an estimated 115 women whose silicon breast implants are from the Dutch company Rofil Medical, which sold type 'M-implant' products made by Poly Implant Prothese (PIP).

Health Minister Stavros Malas launched an investigation into the situation after France and Britain decided to fund operations to remove them. There are 30,000 women in France who may opt to remove the implants, which could rupture and leak silicon gel, say experts. An additional 40,000 PIP implants were used in the UK, according to news reports.

The chances of the implants rupturing range between 1-3.6 percent, according to analysts, and there are fears that they may cause cancer after nine women connected with a court case against PIP in France were diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. The UK initially rejected the possibility that the implants caused cancer or that they need to be removed but has since decided to do an urgent review of the risks, say UK news reports.

PIP has closed down after a recall of its products in 2010 and reports that the silicon it used in its implants were made of a sub-standard gel normally for industrial uses, like the production of mattresses.

The Health Ministry will start a monitoring programme for those women with the suspect breast implants, and around 20 of them have already visited a state hospital to get more information.

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