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Bulgarian Man Murdered In Tala, Paphos

murder in tala,murder in dala,murder in tala paphosA 63-year-old former policeman has murdered a 34-year-old Bulgarian man in Tala, Paphos, because he was living with his former daughter-in-law, said authorities.

Ivan Granchev was shot to death by a hunting rifle at 8.20am and authorities believe it was an honour killing over a 36-year-old Cypriot woman who was formerly his daughter-in-law, according to initial information. The suspect blamed the Bulgarian man for breaking up his son's marriage and lost control, according to one line of investigation.

Gunshots in the Bulgarian man's home attracted attention and caused panic in the community of Tala and the police were called in to investigate. The suspect has been remanded for eight days by Paphos District Court and denies any involvement in the murder. His shotgun has been taken by police as evidence, said police.

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