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12-year-old Boy Saves Mother In Kiti Village

kitiA 12-year-old British boy saved his 41-year-old mother and her 36-year-old Nigerian boyfriend from near-certain death from carbon monoxide poisoning in Kiti village in the Larnaca district, according to a report by Radio Proto.

The young boy told police that he realised his mother was locked in her bedroom at around 11.30pm and was not responding to his voice. He called the police, who rushed to the house and broke down the woman's bedroom door. She and her boyfriend were found unconscious and taken to Larnaca General Hspital, where the mother is in critical condition.

The 36-year-old Nigerian is out of danger, say authorities.

When police broke into the bedroom, they found a metal container with burning coals inside it which could have caused toxic fumes. Kiti police are investigating the cause of the couple's illness.

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