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Thought for Today 22.2.2012

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When you went to bed last night was your mind peaceful and ready to sleep? Or were you wide awake troubled with many worries? Even when you planned to sleep and wanted to take a break of all your activities, thoughts and fears arise, thinking and adding even more doubts to them.

The night then seems to be a dark monster inspiring the low levels of your energy directing you into the even more dark corners of your mind. Instead of bringing your body and mind into a welcome and deserved rest, you experience the limitation of your mind to accept or find solutions, harmony and peace.

This evening promise yourself to think of all the good things during the day that have happened, give gratitude to all what you have experienced, think about the small things that passed through the day. Forgive yourself the identification with your ego mind and feel your heart beating with love.

When you are graceful to yourself, sleep will embrace you with perfect peace. Surrender to the love you are so you may discover that it resides still there in your heart whatever the mind still worries about. Love is surrender. Worries are our walls of resistance to life.

Love & Light, Wilhemina

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