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Haravgi Blames 'Populism' and Opposition Conspiracy for Outcry Against Electricity Prices

Haravgi newspaper has attacked Phileleftheros and Alithia for covering the subject of high electricity prices, hinting that they are in cahoots with the opposition which is involved in 'populist' protests against the Electricity Authority.

The newspaper also claims that electricity prices only rose in the last two months as a result of colder weather, ignoring the fact that Cyprus' electricity prices have been in the top five for several years.

"We do not know if they are coordinated or not, but we noticed in the last few days that "Phileftheros" and "Alithia" newspapers, in total accordance with the populism of the opposition, headline or highlight the increased electricity bills.Yes, it is true that the last two months - assisted by the very cold winter temperatures-we had increased electricity bills. Yes, there are poor households who can not pay their bills. But what we see here is not anxiety and concern about the increased prices of electricity because some suddenly care about the poor and the working classes of our people, but a manifested and conscious opposition attacks with purpose and intent to harm the government. Populism of the worst kind is practiced, exploiting human poverty and despair. Increases in electricity are not due to the Government, but in a series of objective external factors. Due primarily to the international fuel prices to which Cyprus is completely dependent,” says AKEL’s newspaper.

The newspaper also claims that only Christofias’ government had policies about energy in Cyprus.

“It took many governments to come to power but only the Government of Christofias proceeded resiliently to explore and drill for our own oil. It took years to proceed with the upgrade of our electricity generating power plants, so that they can work with natural gas.” adds the newspaper.

Answering a question from journalist Lazaros Mayros at Radio Proto in the morning, DYSI MP Leyteris Christoforou said that “Haraygi is not reporting from Cyprus but from another planet where they have no financial problems.” He said that Christofias’s government did not upgrade electricity power plants but instead it blew up the main power plant of the island in Vassiliko and then added 7% charges on citizens' electricity bills in order to pay for the damages.

He also said that “on top of the fact that citizens have to pay for electricity produced from unjustifiably expensive oil, 30% of what they pay on their electricity bill has nothing to do with electricity - 7% for Vasiliko, 17% VAT, 2% for subsides for large and poor families and 4% for renewable energy and other taxes.” 

Note: In all fairness, it was the late Tassos Papadopoulos government that established Cyprus’ EEZ and proceeded to organise the exploration and drilling of natural gas, and not the current government.


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