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Grandmothers of Crime Off the Hook - Attorney-general Decides Not To Prosecute

Attorney-general Petros Clerides said he would not proceed with the prosecution of 42 elderly women who were arrested in 2009 for playing poker for money at a card party in their neighborhood.

In 2009, 44 elderly women aged 72-to-99 years old were taken into custody after a heavily-armed crime squad raided a house where they were engaging in the 'immoral and criminal activity' of playing cards. 

In the years since then, two of the 'suspects' died of natural causes. Police actually went to one of the deceased houses,yesterday to give her a summons, and her daughter had to tell them that she had passed away.

Instead, the summons was handed over to her daughter, according to a report on Sigma TV.

grandmother of crimeAccording to one of the former accused, 99-year-old Eytichia Yiasoumi (right) from Limassol, two more elderly women suspects are are now in a nursing home suffering from Alzheimers and they don't remember anything about the case.

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