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Got Spilled Milk?- 69 Tonnes Sheep's Milk Dumped outside Presidential Palace

sheep farmers cyprusSheep's milk manufacturers and farmers have taken spilled milk to a new level after dumping close to 69 tonnes of sheep's milk on the road outside the Presidential Palace in Nicosia in the last three days.

The sheep's milk industry is protesting a 20 percent limit in halloumi production, saying it should be at least 30 percent in order to compete with other producers in the EU. Meanwhile, cow farmers say the 20-80 percent ratio of sheep's milk to cow's milk should be maintained because there is a shortage of sheep's milk.

This claim is vehemently denied by the sheep's milk industry, which has dumped so much milk outside the Presidential Palace to prove that there is in fact a surplus.

The protest will continue until Friday, said a spokesman for the protestors.

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