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Families of Amiandos Miners To Sue FLSmidth For Abestos-related Deaths

The families of hundreds of Cypriot workers who died of cancer after working at Amiandos asbestos mine are set to sue FLSmidth, a global engineering firm based in Copenhagen which ran the mine, says a report in The Copenhagen Post.

A documentary titled 'The Danish Deathmine' interviewed former miners who said they were not warned of the dangers of working with asbestos and who are now suffering from asbestos-related illnesses.

FLSmidth's CEO Bjarne Moltke denied the company's responsibility for any compensation claims, and stated that any responsibility belongs to the new owner which bought the mine in 1986, according to the report.

FLSmidth has been sued before for failing to warn miners about the dangers of asbestos after documents were revealed that the company knew full well about them.

"The Cypriot government needs to make contact with the Danish company...there are hundreds, maybe thousands of people who have died because of the mine," said Green Party MP George Perdikis in the documentary.

The mine was shut down permanently in 1994.

Photo; Geoff Wright.

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