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Manhunt for Fourth Publisher Murder Suspect

Grigoris XenophontosPolice have launched a manhunt for of 29-year-old Grigoris Xenophontos, the fourth suspect in the murder of publisher Andy Hadjicostis, said a spokesman today.

"We're trying to ascertain whether he is in Cyprus or abroad," said spokesman Michalis Katsounodos.

Police are sweeping the Nicosia areas of Tseri and Strovolos in a search for evidence in Hadjicostis' murder, and have checked passenger lists through travel agencies on the island. A helmet belonging to one of the motorcycle riders has been found, along with one of the motorcycles that was used in the murder

It's possible that Xenophontos left Cyprus on Monday night and is in Moldavia, according to media reports. An international arrest warrant will most likely be the next step the authorities take to track down the suspect.

Three other suspects who were arrested Thursday night (January 14th) continue to deny any involvement in Hadjicostis' murder. DIAS media group chief executive Andy Hadjicostis was murdered by a gunman who killed him with two blasts of a shotgun on Monday January 11th. The gunman then made his getaway with a motorcycle driven by an accomplice.

The motive for the murder has not yet been discovered, and police said that as of January 19th, there will be a moratorium on all information in their investigation. The amount of press attention has been unprecedented, as Hadjicostis ran a media group and was a colleague or business associate of most of the journalists on the island.

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