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Ministry of Labour Mulls Minimum Wage Rise

minimum wage cyprusMinister of Labour Sotiroulla Charalambous has proposed a 15-euro per month rise in the minimum wage, or 0.5 cents per day, saying that it will not be an unreasonable burden on businesses.

A certain group of workers do not have protections other than the minimum wage, she said, adding that in 2013, the ministry also plans to study the application of a minumum wage system in other industries.

Charalambous will now send her proposal to the Council of Ministers.

The minimum wage in Cyprus for shop assistants, nurses' assistants, clerks, hairdressers and nursery assistants is 743 euros per month, which rises to 789 euros after six months employment. Domestic workers have a minimum wage of 326 EUR net (450 gross) per month.

For the sake of comparison, in Greece it is 751.39 per month and in Belgium it is 1,387 euros per month. For a full table of minimum wages around the world, click here.

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