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Horse Race Fixing Scandal Hits Nicosia Racetrack

cyprus race trackPolice have issued six arrest warrants for individuals suspected of fixing a horse race at Nicosia race track in which an outsider named Ilias Groove was substituted by Afroditoula Star, which won the race very much against the odds.

According to information by the police and Sigma TV, the race fixing was reported by an anonymous tip. The scam was exposed quickly after DNA testing and checking the horse's microchip, which is individualised for each animal. Elias Groove's coach reported sick on the day of the race and was substituted by someone else, who has since vanished.

Police said that they cannot release the names of the suspects and that they are from different parts of Cyprus. Three of them had been taken into custody by early afternoon.

It's suspected that many thousands of euros were made in wagers on the race, given that the original horse was a 4-1 bet.

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