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Amazing Artists - Andreas Tomblin Speaks About His Painting 'Unity - The invisible flow of Chi'

andreas tomblin

by Andreas Tomblin - I was honoured to have been contacted directly by Mr Vinzenzo Sanfo, Curator & Vice President of the International Olympic Committee for the Art, London 2012, and invited to submit my painting, 'Unity: The invisible flow of Chi', (Size – 2 metres x 1 metre, Material – Acrylic Paint on Canvas).

It’s an artist’s dream to exhibit their work in high profile venues such as the Barbican Arts Centre London and to be part of such a prestigious group exhibition is just fantastic. The work was selected by the Steering Committee of Olympic Fine Arts 2012 (London) which included the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China and will be exhibited in the Barbican Arts Centre London, from August 1-7, 2012. After which it will go to China and be exhibited in a permanent exhibition there. 500 artists from all continents of the world were invited to submit their paintings, 100 of which are from Europe. Three of these are from Cyprus, including myself and Marlen Karletidou.

My painting was created especially for the exhibition and focuses on the exploration of subconscious codes, energy and messages that manifest themselves within us and the world around us. These complex codes form our innermost desires, energy, emotions, perceptions and development. They shape us into whom and what we are as individuals and our collective consciousness.

This is reflected in the living, breathing entities that are the River Thames and Great Wall of China. My interest in the River Thames and the Great Wall of China comes from their power to communicate on a mental level allowing us to explore our own feelings and pursuit of ideals within our environment. I try to document their flowing energy. The River Thames the water element and the Great Wall of China the earth element, both sharing the same flowing pattern and visually combined to become one entity which embodies the Olympic spirit of balance, energy and unity in the deconstructed layers of paint.

My intention is to present the viewer not with a visual solution to a concept but to engage them in a visual dialogue of questions through the juxtaposition of the familiar and unfamiliar. I’m interested in the viewer peeling away the abstracted layers of paint uncovering the harmony of the eastern and western graphic forms in my work that reflect a collective harmony revealing vignettes of past, present and future memories that evoke and question our own unity with the subject matter.

Working with concepts surrounding the subconscious interpretation of the River Thames and the Great Wall of China allows me to develop my work in unexpected directions and presents fresh perspectives not only within the content of the subject matter but also within the visual language and application of the materials giving me artistic freedom and expression. Ultimately, East meets West and together they become one harmonious energy force guiding you with unified ideals.

About Andreas Tomblin

He was born in Leicester UK in 1966 to English and Greek Cypriot parentage and now lives and works in Nicosia, Cyprus. He received a 1st class BA Hons degree in Graphic Design (specialization, Illustration) from Leicester Polytechnic UK, and an MA with commendation from De Montfort University UK, in Design and Manufacture.He has exhibited his work at galleries in the UK, Cyprus and Belarus and his paintings are held in public and private collections within Cyprus, the UK, Greece and Belgium.

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