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Christofias Keeps Sending Citizens To Court For Criticising Him

Two men aged 25 and 30 were arrested today for calling President Dimitris Christofias a coward. Sigmalive reports that the two men were outside Panathinaikos fan club in Paralimni on Thursday and when they saw the President driving by with his bodyguards, they called him a coward, referring to his refusal to accept responsibility for the July 11th explosion at Mari naval base.

The explosion killed 13 people and destroyed the islands main power station but the president refused to accept responsibility even though a committee he appointed himself found him to be mainly responsible.

Like all the previous citizens accused for criticising or cursing at the communist President, the two young men were brought in front of the court today where they they admited calling him a coward and were released pending a hearing.

During the hearings for the Mari explosion, the President's quards attemted to arrest Nikolas Ioannides, the son of Commodore Andreas Ioannides who was killed in the blast, for allegedaly shouting at the President that the explosion was his fault.   

According to Sigma TV reporter Alexis Papageorgiou, the president himself had given the order for his arrest.

Investigator Polys Polyviou intervened, saying that it was not the place for such things and told the President's guards to back away.



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