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Property Case Shows Talks Important-Downer

alexander downerA UK court ruling ordering Linda and David Orams to demolish their villa in the Turkish-occupied north of the island 'underlines the importance of negotiations,' said UN special representative Alexander Downer.

"The British Court of Appeal is a powerful, reliable and important court...its decision is final and reminds people of the importance of working as as hard as possible to ensure these negotiations will have a successful outcome," said Downer after a meeting with President Demetris Christofias.

Intensive reunification negotiations are set to continue next week starting on the 25th January. The government has rejected recent Turkish-Cypriot proposals and submitted its own during the first round of intensive talks on January 11th.

"It is not up to the United Nations to comment on various proposals. It is ulitmately up to Mr. Christofias to discuss wider issues with Mr. Talat. What we do is encourage them to work in a constructive and positive way to try and find their way through their disagreements to greater convergence," said Downer.

He reiterated that he is cautiously optimistic that the leaders will be able to negotiate an agreement.

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