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Murdered Russian Tourist Named

The name of the 45-year-old Russian tourist who was found murdered in Amathounda is Vera Rastokeva, said police.

She was found on May 6th by two tourists who were walking on a hill in the Amathus area in Limassol.

Rastokeva had arrived in Cyprus on April 30 and would have departed on 13 May. Police say that she was killed on Saturday, between noon and 4 pm.

According to Nicholas Charalambous, the coroner who performed the autopsy, she had been sexually abused before she was killed.

‘‘The death was due to strangulation, but she also bears a very heavy head injury, caused by a large stone,'' said the coroner.

The head of Limassol’s criminal investigation police department, John George, said that he is confident that the findings in the murder scene and data taken from her hotel will help solve the murder case soon.

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