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Orams Will Delay on Demolishing Villa - Lawyer

The Orams couple will 'try to delay on demolishing their villa', said Constandis Cantounas, lawyer for architect Meletios Apostolides who sued them for building on his usurped land in the north of Cyprus.

Speaking to state broadcaster CyBC, Cantounas predicted that the couple will apply for planning permission to demolish the villa. In the case that the Turkish-Cypriot authorities refuse this permission, they will take the refusal back to court in the UK to prove they cannot carry out the UK court's order.

Cantounas also said that he expects the Orams will pay the damages awarded to Apostolides immediately, but will try to delay on paying court costs.

David and Linda Orams now have to comply with a European Court of Justice ruling upholding a decision by Nicosia District Court that the villa they built on Meletios Apostolides' land must be demolished and rent plus damages amounting to 1.5 million euros paid to the owner of the land.

Apostolides was forced to abandon his land when Turkey invaded and occupied Cyprus in 1974. The original court ruling in Cyprus was passed in 2005.

"My only message to developers in the north is that the party's over. I'm sorry," said Cantounas in a press conference.

The Turkish-Cypriot spokesman Hasan Ercakyca said that the British court will have to find a way to execute its ruling and that 'the Turkish side will not implement the decision'.


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