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Electricity Authority Comes Under Fire for Wasting Money

electricity authority cyprusThe Electricity Authority is taking another lambasting in the media following reports that it spends 80,000 euros every year on subsidising employee salaries in privately-owned cafeterias in its offices around Cyprus.

A further 100,000 euros is spent on public relations and advertising to improve its relationship with the community, a relationship that could only be improved by lowering electricity prices, said journalist Eleni Vrettou in a wry comment in her report on state radio.

Yesterday, the House of Representatives rejected the EAC's request for 67 million euros to buy electricity from third parties, only approving 7.5 million euros in case of a problem during the summer months when demand rises.

EAC General Manager Stelios Stylianou said that the criticism is accepted and that many things are being corrected. As of next year, the cafeteria sponsorships will be changed, he said.

Cypriot consumers currently pay the highest electricity prices in the EU after a sharp increase in costs was passed onto consumers following the explosion at Mari naval base which neighbors Vassiliko power plant.

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