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No Permission To Demolish Villa - Eroglu

Permission will not be given to the Orams to demolish their villa, built on Greek-Cypriot Meletios Apostolide's land, said Dervis Eroglu, prime minister of the unilaterally-declared Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).

In a statement issued after a meeting of the Turkish-Cypriot parliament, Eroglu said the Orams case 'was not successfully defended and that the case expenses will be paid by the TRNC government.'

"Now we will pay a debt of 1.5 million British pounds. This is a huge amount and we will negotiate to reduce it” said Eroglu.

He went on to say that the Turkish-Cypriot authorities still stand behind the title deeds it issued.

David and Linda Orams now have to comply with a European Court of Justice ruling upholding a decision by Nicosia District Court that the villa they built on Meletios Apostolides' land in Lapithos must be demolished, and rent plus damages amounting to 1.5 million pounds paid to the owner of the land.

Apostolides was forced to abandon his land when Turkey invaded and occupied Cyprus in 1974. The original court ruling in Cyprus was made in 2005.

In other news, the Turkish-Cypriot authorities announced that elections in the Turkish-Cypriot community will be held on April 18th.

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