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Central Prisons for Hadjicostis Murder Suspects

elena skordelli behind barsElena Skordelli, Tassos Krassopoulis and Andreas Gregoriou are to be held in Nicosia Central Prison until their trial on charges of planning and executing Andy Hadjicostis' murder starts on February 22nd, said police.

Another suspect in the case, Grigoris Xenophontos, is still at large and although investigations are continuing, there is nothing new to announce, said a police spokeswoman today. The prosecution's prime witness, Fanos Hadjigeorgiou, has entered the witness protection programme and his full confession was one of the pieces of evidence used to press charges against the main suspects. He has not been charged.

DIAS media group CEO Andy Hadjicostis was shot and murdered on January 11th. Authorities allege that his murder was planned by Elena Skordelli and her brother Krassopoulis, motivated by revenge and the desire to control Sigma TV, one of the companies in DIAS group. Skordelli owned 20 percent of Sigma TV's shares and after being ousted from her position as a presenter at the station, blamed Hadjicostis and held him personally accountable, according to prosecution statements.

She was arrested after a confession by one of the alleged hitmen - Fanos Hadjigeorgiou - who said that he was paid to take part in the murder and implicated Skordelli and her brother.

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