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Petrol Station Strikers Will Not Back Down

The union representing petrol station owners in Cyprus said they will not back down from their eight-day strike action and will not start dialogue with the government unless a decree capping petrol prices is withdrawn, said a POVEK spokesman today.

"It is not fair for the petrol stations to take the costs of the decree...we are ready for dialogue but only if the decree is withdrawn," said Stephanos Stephanou, head of POVEK.

It is the second day of a strike by petrol station owners. Forty-five out of 280 petrol stations were open yesterday on the first day of the strike, with many of them running out of supplies after thousands of drivers filled up their tanks. Today, only 33 stations were open.

On Monday, the ministry of commerce issued an unprecedented order capping petrol retail prices for 95-octane at 95 cents per litre, and 97 cents per litre for 98-octane petrol (VAT-inclusive). Diesel prices are set at 87.5 cents per litre. The move is the latest in an ongoing battle between the government and petroleum supply companies which last year saw a 43 million euro fine imposed on petrol companies for price fixing.


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