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Ransom Demand Angrily Denied by Papadopoulos Family

loukas loukaThe family of former president Tassos Papadopoulos has angrily denied a statement by the minister of justice claiming that graverobbers demanded a ransom for the return of Papadopoulos' stolen body.

Minister of Justice Loukas Louka said that the graverobbers demanded a ransom directly from the family, which then informed police. This proved that the motive for stealing the ex-president's body from his grave was not political but financial, he said.

However, no ransom was paid for the return of the body, which was found last night in Strovolos cemetary buried in another grave. Further investigations are continuing based on a witness' testimony, said the minister.

Papadopoulos' family has angrily denied the minister's claim of a ransom demand.

It is the latest bizarre twist in the case, started when the ex-president' body was stolen from his grave in Deftera cemetary on December 11th, 2009.

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