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Cyprus Embroiled in UK MP Scandal

 andrew dismoreA UK Labour MP has been accused of accepting expenses-paid trips to Cyprus in exchange for lobbying on behalf of the island, said the BBC.

The BBC investigated MP Andrew Dismore, revealing that he broke House of Commons rules more than 90 times by failing to declare that his annual trips to Cyprus were funded by the Republic of Cyprus parliament.

The BBC said that Dismore has committed a very serious breach of parliamentary rules following visits to Cyprus when he signed 24 early day motions relating to the island.

"In the following three cases he did not declare an interest: 1. MR GEORGE IACOVOU / 12.12.2006 / EDM 474; 2. SOTERIS GEORGALLIS / 16.04.2007 / EDM 1273 (of which he was the Primary Sponsor); 3. ILLEGAL SONGBIRD MARKET IN CYPRUS / 12.01.2010 / EDM 567," said the BBC.

Dismore has denied that he took gifts in exchange for lobbying. MPs are obliged to declare any interest before asking parliamentary questions, pressing for financial assistance and taking part in debates.

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