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Two Cases of Attempted Murder - Paphos - Limassol

A 61-year-old Limassol woman has died of injuries sustained when she picked up a hand grenade lying in her backyard, and a 47-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of murdering her.

According to news reports by Antenna TV, the suspect was overheard threatening one of the woman's sons, saying that he would 'make their mouth's black' (translation from Greek).

Yesterday, Cyprus police said they were investigating two separate cases of attempted murder, one in Paphos and another in Limassol.

In Limassol, Maria Petridou picked up a metal object in her back yard at around 5:45 am, intending to examine it. She didn't recognise it as a hand grenade and it exploded in her hand, said police. Having sustained serious injuries, the woman was in critical condition in Limassol General Hospital for most of the day. She died of her injuries at 4pm, said police.

Paphos police are investigating accusations made by a 50-year-old man that a 63-year-old man had pointed and fired a hunting rifle at him at 8:30pm last night. The complainant, accompanied by his wife, had gone to the house he rented to the suspect in order to water a tree, said police. The 50-year-old managed to disarm the suspect, while his wife picked up the discharged shell as evidence.

Both cases are under investigation.


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