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cyprus news headlines

Cypriot News Headlines 10-11-11

cyprus newsAlithia: "All up in the air again" headlines an article about Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou's resignation and the scenario of Loukas Papademos becoming the interim PM.

Cypriot News Headlines 12-10-11

cyprus newsAlithia: "Place has filled up with...coups" headlines an article saying that accusations of political coups are flying around after DIKO president Marios Garoyian called for a transitional consensus government to be formed.

Cypriot News Headlines 30-9-11

cyprus newsAlithia: "Countdown" headlines an article about Polys Polyviou's findings in an investigation into the deadly explosion at Mari naval base. He is set to give the results on October 3rd.

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Are you optimistic about the new round of reunification talks in Cyprus?
Yes, there's a good opportunity to settle the problem now, the leaders are serious.
No, it's just another waste of everyone's time, the leaders are not serious.
Maybe, let's wait and see.
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