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praxoula antoniadou

Gas Fights Continue As Former Minister Claims Conspiracy Forced Her Out

former minister alleges conspiracy on natural gasThe final exit of one of the protagonists in the gas fights saga had a new twist Friday when the former Minister of Commerce Praxoula Antoniaou sent a letter to the media accusing everyone for conspiring to remove her from the Ministry, even though she singlehandedly discovered natural gas in Cyprus.

The former Minister of Commerce, who was removed by President Christofias’s reshuffle last week, claims that she fell victim of the “system” because she had the honesty and courage to put the interests of the country above those of the “system” and she accused the government and the opposition as being part of this "system" that conspired for her removal from the Ministry of Commerce. 

House And President Play Tennis With New Law

Update - The House has sent the new law removing powers from Commerce Minister Praxoula Antoniadou to decide on hydrocarbon concession rights bids back to the President after he referred it back to the House earlier this week.

Kassinis Hopes for Better Relations with Praxoula -Comments

solon kassinisEnergy Director Solon Kassinis said he is reaching out his hand to Commerce Minister Praxoula Antoniadou after a fight over power over offshore oil and gas exploration concessions, and a probe which cleared him of any wrongdoing, he said in comments to state radio.

Gas Fights Continue As President Considers Sending New Law Back To Parliament

 fight over cyprus gas rightsPresident Demetris Christofias may send back to Parliament a new bill removing powers from Commerce Minister Praxoula Antoniadou to decide on hydrocarbon concession rights bids and giving them to an enlarged technical committee, according to, citing sources from the Presidential palace.

Praxoula Not Capable Of Handling Billions By Herself, Says Averoff

cyprus oil gasDeputy Chairman of DISY Averoff Neophytou said that the Minister of Commerce Praxoula Antoniadou is not capable of managing billions of euros by herself amid a fight over control of the second round of hydrocarbons exploration licensing.

Natural Gas Expected From Block 12 By 2015

natural gas cyprusNatural gas from Block 12 could be delivered by 2015 for use in electricity production, and from then consumers will see a gradual reduction in electricity prices and fuel emissions, according to the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA).

Second Round of Undersea Oil,Gas Exploration Bids Launched

second round bidding for hydrocarbon concessionsThe government has given the green light to Minister of Commerce and Industry Praxoula Antoniadou to launch a second licensing round for the exploration of hydrocarbons in Cyprus’s EEZ. The announcement came from spokesman Stefanos Stefanou after a Cabinet meeting Wednesday.

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